Every summer Cuba and Vahine get a complete maintenance and make up in Sao Vicente to be ready for you for every new season! Exclusivity is becoming popular with our company: more and more ocean lovers choose us to organise their special celebrations and with 2 boats available we can always guarantee the service! Thanks for all your trust! 

Come at Sal Beach Club in Santa Maria and meet us for a drink! We have so many stories to tell, always eager to meet new people, sailors and adventurers! Join us on the boat for a fantastic Ocean Sailing and don’t forget to leave your feedback! 

…with the wind in the sails….. 

CL staff

Have you check our You Tube page? Yes we are working on some new videos. Ok, video editing is not our best but It helps us to let you feel closer to our sailing experience and above all our blue Ocean! I promise I’ll improve with that! Stay tuned on our dolphins and whales movies soon!


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