Captain Henrik Eriksen

“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure, I found it on the sea”, Alain Gerbault, sailor

A whole life on the ocean, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, Henrik came to Cape Verde and fell in love with the boat Ociun, Cuba previous name. Since now what and adventure being in Sal!

Our skippers and sailors

Always smiling, knowledgeable guides on the water, they love the ocean and they are educated in sailing. They are a great value in our team and you will enjoy their lovely company!

Ricardo Silva

Bruno Quintas

Ruben Jorge

Izaurindo Rodrigues Fortes

Best team

Our team is our family.

Family means friendship, commitment, and help each other.

We love our job, and as we always say “teamwork makes the dream works!”

Respect and love for the ocean, our secret, our passion.

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